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Nikon F4 + AF Nikkor 28-70mm f3,5-4,5— 135 kit

€85 / week
€300 deposit

The Nikon F4 (1988) 
considered another milestone camera from Nikon and the world’s first professional camera with autofocus, matrix metering and a built-in motor drive, packed in an unmistakable Giugaro design that is perpetuated in recent models. Still a popular choice with film shooting professionals today, because it’s compatible with the widest array of lenses on the market: both the newest and most of the oldest Nikon lenses will do nicely on this one.

Bulky but nice.

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this kit contains

Nikon F4 body
AF Nikkor 28-70mm f3,5-4,5
Spare battery

How it works

Each item in our catalog below represents one camera or kit rental for one week.
1. Click the “rent this kit” button to send us an email.
2. Specify the desired kit and the rental period of your choice (one day, 7 days or 14 days) and let us know if you need film or processing.
3. Choose either Antwerp or Brussels as pickup and return location (you may choose to return the kit  and drop your film at our lab partner in Brussels, see film & processing.

4. Receive our confirmation and payment instructions for your kit / period. Transfer us the amount (rental fee + deposit) one day before your rental period. Alternatively, you may choose to only make the deposit and pay the rental fee using the bancontact app on pickup. We don’t accept other payment methods at this time, but we will have a credit card option soon.

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