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in short

Plane. - short for film plane - was started out of love for working with film, plain and simple.

We are making quality analog equipment available to professionals, photo students and enthusiasts interested in working on film. This way, you get to test a camera you’ve been lusting after before setting out to buy one, or you can shoot that one project or job with a high end film camera.

Plane provides film camera rental, processing, scanning and printing services. 
Don’t feel comfortable shooting film yet? Reach out to us and we can teach you the basics of working with film so you know the essentials before you even load that first roll.

how it works

1.  Tell us which kit you would like to rent
2. Specify the period you would like to rent it for (1 day, 7 days or 14 days (weekly rates are cheaper)
3. Let us know where you want to pick it up, Antwerp or Brussels
4. Need film? Development or prints? We got you.
Take a look at our film&processing page.

You can choose to pay both the rental fee and the deposit using bank transfer. Or you can choose to pay the deposit using bank transfer, and paying for the rental fee using bancontact app on pickup.
At this time, we only these methods of payment, but we will have 
a credit card option soon.

After you are done shooting, you just return the kit to the pickup point or our trusted lab partner. We offer (rush)processing, scanning or printing on demand.

You can select all these options from the catalog page, whilst choosing your camera kit, or after returning your kit. 

Terms & conditions

We want to be as clear as possible about the way we work and what the rules are. Please take a minute to read through this.


All rentals are for a period of either one day, one week or two weeks. All cameras / kits are to be picked up in Antwerp or Brussels.

We do not ship cameras, nor do we accept shipped returns. You can only rent one kit at a time.

By renting something, you pay for two things: the rental time for the rented equipment and the deposit for the rental equipment you are renting.

Right now, all our equipment has deposits on them. If you have a special insurance as a professional photographer, you may contact us to forego the deposit if we get the right documentation.

Payment methods

Bancontact App / Bank Transfer 

Select the kit you want to rent and select the “rent this kit” option. You will be prompted with a contact form.

1.  Tell us which kit you would like to rent
2. Specify the period you would like to rent it for (one day, 7 days or 14 days)
3. Let us know where you want to pick it up, Antwerp or Brussels

We only accept bankcontact app on the day of the pickup (rental + full deposit) or banktransfer (you have to transfer us the money beforehand, otherwise we can’t have the kit ready for you. Cash is not accepted.

While the deposit is refunded upon return, late fees, repair fees, or camera replacement costs may also not be refunded, if applicable.


Deposits are calculated on the replacement value for the product in question of the same quality in the same condition. We take good care of our equipment and most of  it is in excellent condition, and we like to keep it that way. If a camera comes back abused, we will know it was you. We reserve the right to withold the deposit up to the repair costs or replacement of the camera or kit if needed.

If you are a professional with insurance, contact us to find out if you are legible for a deposit-free rental.

Pickup / Returns

Cameras should be returned to where you picked it up or at our lab partner Laboriver, in Brussels. Inform us about where you will return your equipment.

Returns take place on the last day of your rental period. Period.
Per late day, a charge of €100 will be made and taken from your deposit.


Plane. Camera is part of Studio Jef Claes.


How it works

Each item in our catalog below represents one camera or kit rental for one week.
1. Click the “rent this kit” button to send us an email.
2. Specify the desired kit and the rental period of your choice (one day, 7 days or 14 days) and let us know if you need film or processing.
3. Choose either Antwerp or Brussels as pickup and return location (you may choose to return the kit  and drop your film at our lab partner in Brussels, see film & processing.

4. Receive our confirmation and payment instructions for your kit / period. Transfer us the amount (rental fee + deposit) one day before your rental period. Alternatively, you may choose to only make the deposit and pay the rental fee using the bancontact app on pickup. We don’t accept other payment methods at this time, but we will have a credit card option soon.

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